About Us

MTC KITCHEN HOME was born from MUTUAL TRADING COMPANY INC.’s wish to fulfill its mission of “Bringing the Flavors of Japan to the People of the World”. For close to 100 years, MUTUAL TRADING COMPANY INC. has been the importer, distributor, and wholesaler of authentic Japanese food, alcohol beverage and restaurant supply specialist. The one thing we have been missing is you, the consumer! By bringing traditional Japanese products directly to your door, MTC KITCHEN HOME aims to share authentic Japanese cuisine, its health benefits, and the joy it brings. Employing the universal medium of food, we hope to contribute to fostering cross-cultural understandings around the world.

High quality ingredients which were once only available to the nation’s top chefs are now available to home cooks. Our longstanding relationships with our vendors allow us to bring you artisanal and innovative products which you cannot find anywhere else. 

Our contactless delivery service allows you to shop for Japanese groceries from the safety and convenience of your own home. MTC KITCHEN HOME provides a fast, fresh, and easy way to bring a piece of Japan into your kitchen.

Bringing the Flavors of Japan to the People of the World